Star Badminton

Star Badminton

Is a very simple game in which you play badminton against the computer
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Star Badminton is a very simple game in which you play badminton against the computer. The objective, of course, is to score more points than the computer. It looks easy to play, but the controls are not very handy. You move your star using the arrow keys and you have a set of keyboard keys that you use in order to make a long shot, short shot, and smash, illustrated in the instructions at the beginning of the game. You can actually try out the game online, or download it to your computer.

The game features nice colorful graphics and simple sounds, but, unfortunately, has no music. You can set the sound volume from the options menu, and you can also choose to play in fullscreen or not. When the game is over, no matter who is the winner, you can share your score with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace, or you can send your score by email.

In short, Star Badminton is just a simple game which may be a bit frustrating at first, but once you get acquainted with it, I'm sure you will play for a while until you manage to beat the computer.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics and sounds.
  • Challenging.


  • No music.
  • Uncomfortable controls.
  • Not easy to master.
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